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Family Therapy


What is Family Therapy?


Systemic Family Therapy is an approach used to understand a person's emotional and psychological distress and looks in the context in which it occurs usually the family or relationship environment.

This form of therapy does not isolate or apportion blame to an individual but takes into account the dynamics, functioning and formation of the family as a whole, whatever shape that might take.

Family Therapy may involve all family members, including young children, adolescents and parents. Or it may involve some family members or couples. Sibling groups may attend with or without their parents. Clients can attend for individual sessions separately from their families if this is their request and need.

The aim of Family Therapy is to focus on the current and presenting problem that is causing distress within the family or to an individual to explore what reactions are emerging and what is the impact by this change. Sometimes it is useful and significant to take a look at other factors including those which are of an intergenerational pattern.

Family therapy involves the active and collaborative participation of both therapist and client(s). Together they explore how emotional and psychological difficulties arise and how they are maintained, through discussion and reflection in session and in between sessions.

Family Therapy works towards improving communication skills, discovering new ways of problem solving and in gaining a higher level of self confidence and improving self esteem. It provides a forum for all voices to be heard without judgement.

The therapist encourages individuals to be willing to take full responsibility for their behaviour, communication, relationships and transitional challenges working towards positive change to alleviate pain and distress.

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